Wireless network 802.11b (in)security


LinuxBeach 2005 and LinuxDay 2005 in Ancona: probably my first two activities as public speaker, to a broader audience that a bunch of CMLug members. And the talks were about insecurity of 802.11b wireless networks, together with tmp.

Topics discussed:

  • Anatomy of a cyber attach (footprinting, scanning, enumeration, gaining access, escalating privilege, pilfering, covering tracks, creating backdoors, denial of service, sniffing, session hijacking)
  • What Wi-Fi is
  • Wardriving e warchalking
  • WEP e WPA Cracking
  • How to protect a Wi-Fi network

ODP format: seminario_wireless_linuxday05 (825 Kb)
PDF format: seminario_wireless_linuxday05 (830 Kb)

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