Blog winter cleaning

I started this blog somewhere between 2005 and 2006, when the blogosphere movement spread in Italy. It was a space to wrote about my unfiltered thoughts in random order, to remember my vacation places, to share my discoveries as developer and GNU/Linux lover, to narrate the story of the first Italian conference about mobile development (the unforgettable WhyMCA), to sparkle what has been born as CLSxItaly and now is the Italian Community Manager Summit, the only Italian event for community managers, builders and professionals; to calm down from everyday rants, to talk about community management and much, much, more.
I’ve started with Joomla, then moved to WordPress. I used Italian, and then switched to English.

In short, over 12+ years, this blog has became a wonderful example of creative chaos, reflecting pretty much accurately these 12 years of my life. And I’m proud of it!

Today, I decided to clean-up things. I moved the majority of the old content on a separate archive,, leaving here only English content and redirecting to the archive the top visited Italian posts of 2018 (thanks to Redirection plugin).
I’ll also talk more about community management and team management, as these two topics are the ones feeding my passions (and my job) nowadays.

I also created a mirror space on Medium, because lot of people, today, are there. But this space is, and will always be, the original one, my personal digital harbor.

For curiosity, here the top 10 most visited post of 2018:

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