Strategies to increase community members involvement, ICM Summit

A recurring problem of every community manager is to keep community members involved with the community. During this talk I spoke about the Community Commitment Curve, a tool to identify a path of optimal engagement, composed by small progressive requests, helping members to be more and more active within the community. They were also concrete examples of the Curve, for online and offline communities.

(Talk in Italian)


(Italian Community Managers Summit Rome, 10 November 2018)

Use Machine Learning in your code, without being a ML expert, Codemotion Rome

Using Google Cloud AutoML to automatically train models on your custom data? Yes, and we can go deeper, exploring how to add image classification, speech recognition, video labelling and other machine-learning powered tasks to your code, without a PhD on the matter, thanks to Google solutions.

(Codemotion Rome, 14 April 2018)

Sense of Community: what transform a group into a community, CLSXItaly

During this talk I spoke about latest behavioral science theories describing the essential elements able to transform a group of people into a community, in person or online, commonly known as Sense of Community. Studies and practical cases to understand how a community builder can have even more success doing their work.

(Talk in Italian)

(Community Leadership Summit “X” Italy, 25 November 2017)

Exploring Google Assistant, Codemotion Rome

How does Google Assistant work? How to design and add new capabilities? In this talk, we’ll see how to interact with the Assistant in Google Home and other devices, how to add custom Actions and how to understand what users are saying and reply to them using service.

(Codemotion Rome, 24 March 2017)

Conversational power for Android apps, Codemotion Milan

Conversational interfaces are the new cool. During the session we’ll see how to add conversational power to any Android app: from listening to the user, understand what she said and provide voice replies. Using internal APIs, external service and a little bit of code.

(Codemotion Milan, 25 November 2016)