My current job

Often people ask me what my current job is about. So, here the up-to-date description.

I live and breath community management, I work in DevRel team in Google and I’m now leading a team of community builders, with the mission to make even more successful offline tech communities interested in Google technologies, across the whole Europe: GDG (Google Developers Group), WTM (Women Techmakers) and all the others, regardless of their name or affiliation.

If you’re curios about how we help these tech communities, read how our culture defines why we do what we do; if you want to know more about DevRel Ecosystem team, the team I’m part of, discover our core mission; if you’re interested in what I’ve learnt during my first 5 year in Google, this post if for you.

In my “free time” I’m also organizing the Italian Community Manager Summit, a national conference to discuss the art and science of community management. Arrived at it’s 6th edition in 2018, it’s the first and only event in Italy about this topic.

Before joining Google, I’ve been a developer on Android, Java and C#, a sysadmin, I’ve organized tech conferences and led several tech communities. My LinkedIn profile has all the details, while a photo album collects the best moment of my many years in the field, and also boosts my ego when I need to recharge my batteries ;)