Here the list of softwares that i created. All available under GNU/GPL 2.0 or later license. Italiano


SmsForFree SmsForFree: send SMS text messages worldwide using online SMS gateways, with free o very low cost. Actually supported Aimon, JackSMS, SubitoSMS and Voipstunt. Thru JackSMS, you can use hundred other more providers.
WebcamHolmes WebcamHolmes: View IP webcams, IP-CCTV cameras from your mobile. Lot of preloaded cameras available, and more will be added in the future. Source code available.
IsBerlusconiStillPresident Is Berlusconi Still President?: Is still Silvio Berlusconi Prime Minister of Italian republic? Stay updated and vote if you like or not current situation.

Windows Mobile

MoneyGoesAway Money Goes Away: A personal finance manager that facilitates the handling of expenses and revenues on pda
VCast Mobile VCast Mobile: a client for managing audio and video registration of service (italian)
PocketRassegnaRAI PocketRassegnaRAI: download RAI’s daily press review directly on your smartphone.
WebcamHolmes WebcamHolmes: Watch on your smartphone images from Internet webcams.

Java (Windows, Mac, OSX)

AvatarGrabber AvatarGrabber: is a Java application which allows to search, for each contact in a myFunambol portal account, avatars of these contacts in various social network profiles. After the grabbing phase, the user can choose what avatar assign to contacts.

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