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A personal finance manager that facilitates the handling of expenses and revenues on pda

moneygoesaway_it.gif Author: Alfredo “Legolas” Morresi


  • Works on Windows Mobile 5 and above
  • Finger-oriented interface
  • Insert your revenues and expenses and categorize them by tipology and type of payment
  • Show movements filtered by date, tipology, kind of payment
  • Export data in cvs format for later manipolation via Excel Mobile etc.
  • Available in english, italian, español, german and czech language
  • Works on QVGA 240×320 and VGA 480×640 screens
  • Automatically checks for new updates
  • Released under GNU/GPL licence (if you like my program, send me a postcard at the address specified in the about)

MoneyGoesAway was developed for Windows Mobile, using .Net Compact Framework 2. So, you must download and install on your pda latest version of Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2 runtime (it should already be installed in Windows Mobile 5 pda)

Download the .cab: MoneyGoesAway 3.1
MoneyGoesAway code repository
is hosted on SourceForge.
To install: copy the .cab file in your pda and tap on it to start the installation.

Do you like MoneyGoesAway and you wanna partecipate in the develope? Do you have suggestions about it? Do you want help with translations? Contact me.

-Added German language support.
-Some language bugs fixed.


Q: How can backup MoneyGoesAway data?
A: Simply copy the transactions.csv and classifications.csv files, generally found under \Program Files\MoneyGoesAway\ folder

Q: If I install a new version of MoneyGoesAway, I’ll lost my data?
A: No, all data is preserver between version upgrades.

11 thoughts on “MoneyGoesAway 3.1

  1. Hi there …. I have a question about MoneyGoesAway v3.1 Program.
    Is it able to recognize various currencies, like Rupiah, Singapore Dollar, HK DOllar, Yen, Renminbi, Poundsterling, Euro, etc?
    Thank you

    God bless,

  2. Hi do you have Serbian translation for MoneyGoesAway.

    J ‘m very pleased with him, and interested for the next generation of this excelent program.

    Thank yo.

  3. Hi,
    I have used this program and love this program.To backup data you have to copy transactions.csv, classifications.csv and also settings.

    I will look forward to any updates


  4. Help I got an error
    invalid dictionary culture: cs-cz
    what should I do?
    I work on my WM6.1 but I got this message on my WM6.5

  5. errore nell’esportare sia come testo che come excel: non mette l’ importo della voce di spesa ma mette “”

  6. Great program!
    All is it needs – is a multiple accounts support.
    Sometimes i need to know how much i stil have on my Visa, and how mutch i have cash, for example.
    So, income must also comes in cash or on VISA, and there must be a transaction operations between them.
    It may be very usefull.
    Thank you for you great work!

  7. A simple and straight forward type of income/expense transaction recording. Works perfectly fine on my Samsung Omnia II.

  8. Hi! First of all, thanks for your effort – it’s a great program. One question: I had to hard reset my phone (SE Xperia X2)- is there a way to import all of my previous data back into MoneyGoesAway 3.1 after I’ve reinstalled it? Also I can’t seem to open the text and Excel files I exported earlier…

  9. Is there an android version ?

    I recently migrated from win to android and i used this applications and .csv files to interface with my .xls
    but now i’m stucked….

  10. Sorry, I didn’t port MoneyGoesAway on Android. There are lot of similar application, so no need to rediscover cold water ;)
    And yes, I’m also an Android user too…

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